Supercharge Your Aligner Results

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Supercharge Your Aligner Results 
Presenter: Dr. Ivan MalagonRelease Date: 3/23/18
Credits: 1 CEU, Free Self-StudyExpiration Date: 3/23/21

Patient and industry demands are continually pushing the evolution of orthodontics with the use of aligner therapy. With new advancements in acceleration, orthodontists are now able to provide excellent aesthetic and functional results that are more predictable, reproducible and lasting. In this webinar, Dr. Malagon will show several aligner cases using AcceleDent, which delivers vibrational forces that help ensure optimal points of contact with the teeth and the aligner. This maximizes the aligner force expression, thus achieving more predictable results. Dr. Malagon shows how using AcceleDent helps create a more favorable biological response for predictable and lasting tooth movement, ultimately supercharging his aligner results. 

Upon completion of this CE webinar, the student will be able to:
• Understand how SoftPulse technology helps create a better biological response for moving teeth
• Become more familiar with the clinical benefits of using pulsatile forces with aligner patients
• Consider how integrating SoftPulse technology with aligner patients may broaden the range of case complexity s/he is willing to treat with aligners
• See how doctors find they can achieve difficult tooth movements projected in the aligner software with a higher degree of confidence and predictability during treatment   ( disclaimer , ADA CERP Statement )