Accelerating Orthodontics – Faster Tooth Movement with Pulsatile Forces

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Chủ đề: Tăng tốc chỉnh nha - Di chuyển răng nhanh nhờ sung lực.

Người thuyết trình: Straty Righellis, D.D.S.       CE Credits: 1 CEU

Ngày: 22/11/2013                           Ngôn ngữ: Tiếng Anh

Functionality and esthetics are key considerations in patients requesting, and orthodontists recommending, orthodontic treatment. However, patients may elect to forego orthodontic treatment due to the cost, discomfort and duration of treatment. Many methods have been explored and developed to reduce the duration of treatment. Most recently, a device has been developed that utilizes the concept of pulsatile force application to accelerate orthodontic treatment. Dr. Straty Righellis will review the research on accelerated tooth movement and demonstrate the clinical efficacy of pulsatile forces in accelerating treatment with the AcceleDent Aura device.

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